The Property Princess Team has been dedicated for 10 years, servicing our clients needs. We do this through a unique cleanse and detox program that is included in our services. Our intention is to bring you the highest joy and results through the buying and selling process.

We take the time to talk with you. We listen to what you tell us, and we use the Property Princess Plan to:

  • understand your needs
  • determine the budget
  • help set timelines and costs
  • map out the process and each step of your Property Princess Plan
  • energize and detox program for your home

We help people buy their home, sell their property, purchase rental properties, and manage rentals. We help renters find a good place to call home. We help businesses buy commercial properties and help businesses establish the right place to build their venture. 

Lisa Patel
Client Testimonials
Thanks for finding such a great house for Dennis! Thanks again for all your assistance!

We had a great time and found what we were looking for! Thank you for sending us the tickets Lisa!

The National Home Show Experience

Lisa, is what I call a SUPER WOMEN, there isn't anything she doesn't do for her clients and for the community! My girlfriend and I are first time buyers and she made the process so smooth and easy and highly recommend her!

Everyone Loves Working with the Property Princess
I would like to thank-you for spending time meeting with me to go over the various condominium buildings available in the Concord Cityplace development. I was provided with a clear understanding of all the amenities and day to day living conditions of all the buildings and felt confident in my selection of property. I have been very pleased with my condo so far!

I have worked with Lisa Patel on multiple real estate transactions. Every deal was completed on time and with a great level of service and accuracy. I would highly recommend Lisa to others. She is a true professional and thinks outside of the box. Her marketing strategies are successful and she is able to come up with quick solutions. The entire process is stress free. Job well done! The Property Princess strikes again. 

The Property Princess Strikes Again!

Lisa is by far the most honest and trustworthy Real Estate Agent I have ever met. She took the time to understand my situation and the needs of myself and my children. She is patient and I could not ask for anything more in an agent. Thank you Lisa! I would use you again in a heartbeat.

I could not ask for anything more in an agent!

Not only would we refer you to friends and family, but we are extremely likely to use you again. The experience was great and you will be contacts in the future!

Great experience!

Lisa was available anytime, particularly with time zone differences, which was appreciated. She was easy to work with. Familiar with market. Good level of trust.

I Personally Connected...

There's nothing that Lisa could have done differently in the future! She went above and beyond in her services and it was the perfect experience. I chose her after using a previous agent, there is no comparison! Lisa is a much a better choice.

A Much Better Choice

My husband and I lived for 24 years at our first house and when it came time to move we contacted Lisa. Lisa spent time with us house searching house after house . Her time and expertise was very helpful to us in finally finding the right house.

Love Working with the Property Princess
My employer in Tokyo sent me on a one-year assignment to work in Toronto, and I was not looking forward to the problem of finding housing for a family of five. My situation would involve arranging a lease while living fourteen time zones away, and convincing a landlord to take a chance on a tenant with few local connections. However, he task became much easier when I had Lisa Patel working on my behalf to suggest properties and represent me to prospective landlords. My case involved the extra difficulty of working with the time difference and sending all the documents by e-mail, and doing it quickly to make sure that the contract would be made on time. Lisa did a fantastic job with all of this and did a great deal to reduce the stress of a difficult international relocation.

The experience was great, I will come back for future business!

Happy From Beginning to End

Here are the Top 10 things our clients shared with us

  1. They felt cared about.
  2. We avidly watch the market so they didn’t have to.
  3. We are up-to-date with financing options so getting financed was simple.
  4. We made their international relocation easy and problem free.
  5. We are available all the time. Our responses felt instantaneous.
  6. We made the process simple, and they felt less overwhelmed.
  7. They felt reassured when we shared all the expected and possible costs at the beginning.
  8. We referred experts to solve situations. They didn’t expect to need a new car during their real estate purchase, but when life interrupted, we referred a dealer who resolved their issue quickly and less expensively.
  9. Our property advice helped them find their ideal home, in a way that fit with their budget.
  10. The introductions to people in their new neighbourhood helped them feel welcomed.

Our Team Services Generally Include

  • Giving tips and advice to make your property more marketable
  • Expertise in social media marketing
  • Evaluating your property
  • Marketing the house you want to sell
  • Conducting condo comparisons to help inform your purchase
  • Evaluating a rental property
  • Introducing you to your potential new home
  • Arranging property appraisals
  • Arranging property inspections
  • Assisting with financing
  • Finding a renter
  • Locating a rental home for you
  • Conducting economic analysis to help choose a business property
  • Property management
  • Leasing negotiation
  • Energize and detox program for your home
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